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Mapex Orion Silver Sparkle 18 USADA

$ 64200.00 Pesos
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Batería Mapex Orion

100% Maple. 6 ply

10"X8" Con Rims
12"X9" Con Rims 
14"X14"Con Patas y Rims
18"X14" Con Ocho Torres de Afinación

Incluye Tom Holder Doble.

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Mapex flagship Orion Series established the standard for high-end exotic veneer maple drums. North American Maple shells produce outstanding resonance and crisp tone. Luxurious hand-rubbed lacquer finishes ensures that the Orion Series looks as spectacular as it sounds. In order to satisfy the discerning needs of the musician, Orion is sold by component only, allowing the buyer to specify exactly the sizes and configuration that best suit his or her style. 7-ply, 7.5mm Bass Drums, 6.1mm Toms, Maple Shells with a thick Italian Burl Maple exterior ply and Eight coat, hand applied deep gloss lacquer finish and Exclusive Isolated Mounting on all tom toms and floor toms. Floor Tom legs are spring loaded. Exclusive Isolated Mounting on telescopic bass drum legs. Low mass, single-point-of-contact cushioned lugs. Low-profile, cushioned, die cast bass drum claw hooks..

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